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Expressive Pencil Drawings By Dino Tomic


(Most of) Awesome Mix, Vol. 1



They call him the Winter Soldier. He reminds me more of fire, though.



Oh my gosh, that is exactly what it is like to be deaf. You know there are conversations going on and they may as well be empty speech bubbles on a page." (Leah Coleman, the girl who inspired Matt Fraction to write Clint’s hearing loss into the Hawkeye storyline)



i told myself i would quickly redo this post before doing anything else bc i don’t really have all these brushes anymore so i did hahaha. EXTREMELY HUGE MASTERPOST FEAT. ALL MY IMPORTANT BRUSHES!

ummmm, info on some of my brushes :

  • i use the ‘Blotchy Thick’ brush on most of my art! really good for lineart.
  • the ‘Ballpoint Pen’ is really handy for writing.
  • the ‘Pen’ brush is one of my fave brushes! idk it just has like. that really crisp looking edge to it. i tried to get it look really nice like a photoshop brush.
  • 'Pencil' brush is what i use for editing dangan ronpa sprites!
  • 'Smooth Jazz' is really cool. it looks all wispy if you hold your stylus down and add pressure lightly.
  • 'Sumi-E' is really cool and handy when it comes to making those really old Japanese styled traditional art.
  • a lot of these textures should be in SAI already! heck, most of my brushes don’t even have textures.


It gets a little lonely,
All these empty rooms,
Just watching the hours tick by

Happy 40th Birthday, Misha Collins [20/08/2014]



other [rough] preview of a little part of my second submission to the artbook ;u;